Every Thursday special day at Lions’ House dedicated to wellness.

The word Yoga means Union. The union in perfect balance of all the components of our being: body, mind, spirit.

Yoga is not a technique, it is not about copying a form. Yoga is uniquely, exclusively an experience. To know it one can only live it. And the characteristic of this experience is that it is always personal.


From 2 pm: Relax in the pool and / or relaxing and decontracting massages.
5.30 pm: Yoga class in the garden with the teacher Collins
6.30 pm: Aperitif buffet by the pool based on wholesome and healthy foods and detoxifying and purifying fresh fruit smoothies.


1,500 Shillings each (Yoga and aperitif).

Free use of the swimming pool from 2pm. Consumptions and massages for a fee.

Free soft drinks and detox smoothies during the aperitif.